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Not Everything Is The Fault Of WordPress

Everywhere you see “that’s WordPress, our plugin isn’t responsible for that”.  That’d be like buying a car and your brakes don’t work. Take it back to the dealer and they say “That’s a Brembo problem not ours”.  Maybe you’re reading that and thinking “well that’s dumb”… exactly. It’s stupid right?  Sure maybe it’s a manufacturing…


WordPress Plugin Settings Are Complex — How Wizards Can Help

Settings. The bane of the developer and the bane of the end user. If you install 99% of WordPress plugins they have too many settings, a setting of a setting, of a sub-setting and to top it off, add another setting on.  If settings were cake WordPress plugins would be that delicious chocolate cake that…


How to Build a QA Test Plan for Your WordPress Plugin Business

Bugs are a part and parcel of all software. If someone says they ship bug free software they are delusional.  Quality assurance is hard. Quality assurance in the WordPress space is nothing short of a nightmare, but it doesn’t need to be that way.  I’ve personally worked in quality assurance roles for multiple WordPress plugin…


Communicating in a Remote Work Environment

Communication is tough, make no mistake about it. I’m no expert, you’re not an expert and anyone that says they are well they most likely aren’t.  Communicating in a traditional office environment you have social queues, body language and often real-time communication.  Transitioning to a remote-work environment can be a culture shock, someone says “ok”….


Success Is Always Overnight — Until It Isn’t

Unicorn company, founder exits with $100 million dollars, startup comes from nowhere and dominates the market.  No doubt you’ve heard all the stories and read all the articles and maybe you’re sitting there thinking “Well why can’t I create an overnight success?”.  Next morning you get out of bed, buy a domain from GoDaddy for…