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Native Coupons in LearnDash LMS Without Extra Plugins

Did you know you can use coupons with LearnDash LMS out of the box without any extra plugins? 

Here’s how easy it is, first a couple of pre-requisites of what you need; 

  1. LearnDash LMS
  2. A Stripe account
  3. The free LearnDash LMS Stripe plugin (included in every plan). 

Once you have all that setup, visit your course (logged out) and you’ll see “take this course”. 

Click that and you’ll be taken directly to the Stripe checkout, notice the “have a promotion code” link?

When you click in the highlighted area you can enter a promotion code like so; 

How to set up Coupons in Stripe

Remember before you start if you’re testing your integration you must toggle the “test mode” toggle to work with test data. 

If you want to create your coupons for live courses don’t do that. 

Now click on Products -> Coupons

Click New and you’ll see the form like so; 

Here’s how to fill out the form, think of it like a cheat sheet for quickly creating coupons in Stripe. 

  • Name: The name of your coupon that appears on customers receipt, so make sure it’s something professional. 
  • ID (optional0: used in the API, unless you’re a developer leave this blank.
  • Type: Whether you want a percentage discount or a fixed amount off discount. 
  • The discount amount. 
  • Whether you want to apply it to specific products. 
  • Apply to specific products: Not applicable to LearnDash as the product is set in LearnDash not in Stripe. 
  • Duration: Whether you want the discount to apply to the initial purchase or all renewals (relevant if you are selling courses via recurring payments). 
  • Use Customer Facing Coupons?: Toggle this on, it’s required as this is the coupon you create for customers. 
  • Code: This is the code you’d give to customers to enter at your checkout. 

Then there’s some options relating to if you want to limit the coupon to new customers only expire the coupon etc. All these options are supported by LearnDash. 

To clarify, the only point LearnDash doesn’t support is applying the coupon to a specific product only because LearnDash handles the product creation and storage, not Stripe. 

And you’re done! All without having to use an eCommerce plugin or any other external plugins. Native coupons for LearnDash ✅

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