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LearnDash Cloud is Here!

When StellarWP acquired LearnDash September one of the very first projects we started was a hosted version of LearnDash. 

At the time it didn’t even have a code name (it’d later become LDCE). We had a goal — open up the ability for content creators to get started with LearnDash quicker than ever. 

See WordPress and it’s famous 5 minute install is undoubtedly easy enough to use but how about the journey to get there you need to; 

  • Register a domain name 
  • Find a web host (and possibly first understand what a web host even is)
  • Dive into the murky world of web hosting reviews
  • Install WordPress
  • Buy LearnDash
  • Install LearnDash
  • Create your course

Now what if we can cut out most of those steps?

Introducing LearnDash Cloud

With LearnDash Cloud you can go from the signup to a fully built site and even a course ready in under 10 minutes (video on that coming soon). 

See we take care of all the steps for you, installing WordPress, installing LearnDash, setting up the site and everything in-between. 

Even better there’s a fantastic design wizard which allows you to select from 14 (and growing) course specific site templates. 

You’ll get a temporary domain name automatically assigned like blueacorn.mylearndash.com and away you go!

At any point you want, you can connect your own domain name, you own using the slick Go Live Widget which handles magic like securing your website with SSL in the background. 

Where do we go from here?

This is only the start for LearnDash Cloud. We already have plans for fully GDPR compliant service to be able to onboard all our European friends, and some very interesting domain name purchasing functionality. 

And that’s barely scratching the surface of what’s coming. Overall LearnDash Cloud is the best to run a LMS system that’s flexible and extendable without restrictions. 

LearnDash Cloud is Open

Unlike a traditional Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that is closed down and restricted, LearnDash Cloud is fully open!

That means that you can extend LearnDash with third-party plugins. Or even your own custom code.

So if you’re on the fence because a custom plugin you have won’t work, or you think you won’t be able to install your favourite SEO plugin (like Yoast) then have no fear! You can install any theme or plugin with no restrictions. 


LearnDash Cloud wouldn’t have been possible without all the fantastic teams across StellarWP, Liquid Web, Modern Tribe, and Nexcess

One bonus of being part of a larger organisation is the ability to pull in the best minds in the business into projects like LearnDash Cloud and seeing the magic in action. 

Interested to learn about the marketing portion of LearnDash Cloud? Check out my colleague James’ post.

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