What 3DS V2 and SCA Compliance Means For Your Software Business

If you run a software business or any type of business that deals in subscriptions and renewals chances are over the last few months and throughout 2021 you’ve had days where renewals have been significantly lower than you expected.  Enough to make you look at your charts and go “wtf, why are we bleeding money”. …


Remote Work & Slack

Chances are if you work remotely your team will either use Slack or Teams, sure there are some other alternatives but in the interest of not writing out 50 competitors, let’s take the two.  These tools are great, making collaboration across time-zones simple when people are only a message away.  Yet therein lies the problem,…

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Not Everything Is The Fault Of WordPress

Everywhere you see “that’s WordPress, our plugin isn’t responsible for that”.  That’d be like buying a car and your brakes don’t work. Take it back to the dealer and they say “That’s a Brembo problem not ours”.  Maybe you’re reading that and thinking “well that’s dumb”… exactly. It’s stupid right?  Sure maybe it’s a manufacturing…


Communicating in a Remote Work Environment

Communication is tough, make no mistake about it. I’m no expert, you’re not an expert and anyone that says they are well they most likely aren’t.  Communicating in a traditional office environment you have social queues, body language and often real-time communication.  Transitioning to a remote-work environment can be a culture shock, someone says “ok”….